White paper

A Build vs. Buy Look at Study Activation

How Activate, a SaaS-based Platform, Manages the Complexities of Study Activation

A Build vs. Buy Look at Study Activation

With the advent of technology for clinical trials, an old argument plays out each time a new one is introduced. Should stakeholders build their own solution internally or buy an off-the-shelf tool designed for a specific purpose? In determining whether to build or buy, stakeholders might consider making the decision based on several key factors:

  • Complexities of SSU
  • Knowledge of requirements
  • Cost

For better study activation, each of these factors poses a tough challenge, but combined, they are daunting.

If there is a commitment to improving study activation, it behooves stakeholders to evaluate the pros and cons of building a tool internally versus selecting a purpose-built cloud-based tool, such as Activate, which is proven to shorten cycle-time. Because of the level of complication inherent in building internally, and the need for a detailed understanding of technological requirements, moving toward a no-risk buy option makes the most sense. With this choice, users have ready access to a complete solution and only pay for what they use. This methodology is the last piece of the clinical stack, linking data across the continuum, a much needed functionality for stakeholders seeking to disrupt the long-standing challenges of study activation and replace it with a SaaS-based solution built to speed clinical trial operations.

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