The Need for Speed in Clinical Study Startup

Accelerate Clinical Trials by Focusing on Study Startup Efficiencies

The status of clinical trials continues to stymie industry stakeholders anxious to rein in the cost of product development and adhere to tighter timelines. Despite intense pressure to speed development, mounting evidence documents ongoing inefficiencies tied to complicated protocols, globalization, and old-school paper-based processes, driving clinical stakeholders to embrace technologies that are finally moving the needle.

But this opportunity is not without its challenges. Conducting clinical trials in places with unfamiliar regulatory pathways, cultural differences, and limited infrastructure is highlighting the value of technology that streamlines bottlenecks allowing stakeholders to better adhere to established timelines and budgets.

In the on-going pursue of cycle time reductions what attributes are associated with the fastest companies?

In this webinar, we will explore:

  • Comparison of cycle times by specific tasks for Fastest vs. Other companies
  • Attributes: Dedicated vs. Non-Dedicated Functional Group, New vs. Repeat Sites, Company Size and Investment in Technology and Associated Outcomes for Fastest vs. Other companies
  • How technology can aid in the Study Startup continuum to improve operational performance and help companies remain on-budget and on-time.

This webinar is applicable to:

  • Sponsor and CRO roles responsible for site identification, feasibility assessment, selection and activation
  • Sponsor and CRO roles responsible for collecting and evaluating trial metrics


Beth Harper
Beth is the President of Clinical Performance Partners, Inc., a clinical research consulting firm specializing in enrollment and site performance management and facilitating productive sponsor-site relationships. Beth leverages her 30 years of site, SMO, CRO, Pharma, Consulting, Training and Service Provider experiences, both domestically and internationally, to identify solutions for optimizing the clinical trials process.
Clinical Performance Partners
Charles is a seasoned product management professional with over 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Prior to goBalto, Charles was in charge of product management at Change Healthcare. He holds a patent in patient identity and has two additional patents currently pending in the healthcare IT space. Charles was a contributing member to the Direct Trust project helping to create a new standard for healthcare communication in the US, and has testified to the HHS on challenges of healthcare interoperability.
Senior Director, Product Management
Charles Curran

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