Investigative Sites

Many sites still track activation tasks using spreadsheets, and rely on time consuming and inefficient modes of communication like email and courier. Not anymore, if your sponsor uses Activate.

  • To confront the ongoing challenge of choosing the right sites for the right studies, it is encouraging to see data now available to sponsors and CROs to assist with this process.
Alerts guide you through the study startup process

As an investigate site, you already have a lot on your plate. Why go through an overwhelming activation process?

Fast, efficient, easy startup

  • Guide study teams to complete and track specific documents and tasks required for any site, country , or study with smart workflows
  • Know what to do next with convenient alerts on task and activity updates from sponsors

Reduce administrative burden

  • Upload and download files directly from email alerts without having to login to another system
  • Access site documents anytime, anywhere
  • View your team's performance at a glance

Enhance collaboration

  • Provide timely access to study documents and completed activities with sponsors
  • Facilitate important communications with exchange of notes
  • Strengthen partnerships with sponsors by providing transparent view of status
Activate Site Empowerment in Clinical Trials
Moving Beyond Excel
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