Risk Identification & Mitigation

Reduce your clinical trial risk by deploying purpose-built study startup technologies that aid in risk management.

Risk-based challenges are escalating as clinical trials become more global and complex, and as market pressures keep rising for new therapies at an ever-increasing pace.

Average cycle times reporting

Proactive risk identification:

  • Reduce site selection risks (i.e., number of non-active, non-enrolling sites)
  • Mitigate subject recruitment and retention risks
  • Keep studies on track and within budget by tracking critical cycle-time metrics
  • Assign risk triggers with milestone re-projections
  • Automatically trigger workflows on completion with secure document exchange
  • Proactively monitor trending data that may indicate study at risk
  • Expedite collaboration with global study teams
  • Ensure appropriate activity access with role-based assignments
  • Understand where to focus resources to support at-risk regions or sites
  • Conduct real-time assessment of concurrent studies with multiple partners

When a clinical trial does not unfold as planned, it may be heading for rescue. The key to avoiding study rescue is proper identification of red flags signaling the study may be veering off course.

Risk mitigation is pivotal to starting clinical trials. Our end-to-end suite of solutions bring workflow-based processes to study teams, help sponsors and CROs visualize data and identify bottlenecks, and provide intelligent site profiling for better site selection. Using these tools, stakeholders can improve study execution in real-time by mitigating challenges that have long plagued study startup.

Building Risk Assessment and Mitigation Into Study Startup
Refocusing on Risk Mitigation in Starting Clinical Trials
Risk Mitigation Pivotal to Starting Clinical Trials
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