Simplified with a single on-demand view, delivering instant status updates on study progress, irrespective of how many concurrent studies or vendors you work with.

Sponsors often have multiple studies running concurrently with several CROs, complicating oversight. Reconciling CROs data with different reporting formats can make timely oversight difficult.

What is needed is a centralized structure for communications, collaboration and escalation, enabling sponsor and CROs to operate as an integrated team with common goals, aligned structures and processes.

Visualization of Sites Activated Per Study

Building strong collaborative relationships:

For the sponsor:

  • Save CRO and site performance data for future reuse
  • Get standard, consistent reporting across all CROs
  • Obtain full transparency at portfolio, country, study and site level
  • Real-time visibility of progress and planning
  • Proactive advanced visibility into issues
  • Reduce rework and error rate
  • Benchmark the operational rollout of your studies or teams

For the CRO:

  • Establish a competitive advantage with proven experience
  • Gain operational efficiencies/speed by eliminating manually intensive processes
  • Reallocate resources to higher value add tasks
  • Improve trust/collaboration with sponsor(s)

Centralized governance and optimized operating models are needed to help realize the full potential of outsourcing arrangements. At the heart is a desire to build a collaborative long lasting partnership, based on open and transparent communications, fostering a foundation of trust and commitment.

Bringing Transparency and Collaboration to CRO Oversight
Speeding Study Startup Through Better Collaboration and Data Flow
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