Organizational Compliance

Automate activities & document workflows with country-specific "smart" workflows that deliver global regulatory and SOP compliance.

Just because a company has invested significant time and resources in creating SOPs does not mean they are always being followed.

They may even be avoided.

Step-by-Step Automated Workflow for starting a study in the United Kingdom

Aid regulatory and SOP compliance:

  • Guide compliance with organizational SOPs and country-specific regulations
  • Automate document management across globally dispersed study teams
  • Create operational efficiency by standardizing processes amongst all studies
  • Improve quality control by reducing errors, or variations
  • Retain knowledge enven through staff turnovers
  • Reduce the learning curve and training of staff
  • Accommodate changes in country-specific regulations or SOPs in real-time
  • Support audit trail reporting for compliance monitoring

These benefits provide a level of formal accountability for team members and they prevent noncompliance on a systemic level.

Automating the SOP Workflow

The automated workflow operates by configuring settings in real-time to accommodate changes in country specific regulations or organizational SOPs. Authorized team members, as defined in the SOP, can view and manage existing configurations and then edit them to create the settings needed for tracking documents, submissions, and milestones.

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