White paper

Using eClinical systems to speed
clinical trials

The role of eTMF, CTMS, and study startup tools
in the clinical trials process

eTMF-CTMS-study-startupThere is no silver bullet to accelerate clinical trials. Pharma companies need eTMF, CTMS, and a purpose-built study startup solution to optimize the full clinical trials process. In addition, each tool's distinct roles often become muddled. It can be awfully confusing!

Where do one tool's capabilities end and another's begin?

Download goBalto's Using eClinical systems to speed up clinical trials white paper to clear up misconceptions about the eClinical stack. You'll discover:

  • What each system—eTMF, CTMS and a study startup solution—can and cannot do
  • How these systems work together to realize efficiency gains and cost savings
  • What's needed for these tools to coexist with investigator portals
  • How one top 5 pharma company shortened site activation times by over 30%

Download the paper today!