End-to-end study startup platform, spanning site identification, selection, and activation.

  • At a time when study startup remains a perpetual bottleneck, CROs that embrace solutions that confront this challenge may be positioning themselves as a step ahead of the competition.
S-curves show how you’re performing against the plan

CROs that adopt purpose-built technology to address the challenges in study startup will be able to offer actionable information faster by tracking activities in real-time, and generating accurate reports on document, submission, and milestone status. This move will help CROs improve operational delivery, a major step toward differentiation or leveling the playing field. Achieved IP release? You can use goBalto to manage activities and documents after startup.

Reduce cycle times by 30%+

  • Leverage historical performance data to assess potential sites
  • Speed activation globally with comprehensive regulatory intelligence (60+ country workflows)
  • Advance specialists through startup activities and tasks with smart workflows and alerts
  • Uncover bottlenecks and areas of focus for process improvements
  • Eliminate spreadsheet trackers, siloed email, and status meetings
  • Integrate with your existing eClinical technologies or those of your sponsor (eliminate FSP or manual data translation entry)

Improve collaboration

Evolve past commoditized, tactical service offerings emphasizing lowest price in favor or becoming risk-sharing strategic partners in the race for faster and higher quality clinical trials.

  • Streamline communications with sponsors and sites
  • Provide transparency into key study milestones
  • Deliver a centralized view for all assigned study team members
  • Organize work with timely, appropriate activity assignment

Improve quality and regulatory/SOP compliance

  • Ensure compliance with sponsor and/or organizational SOPs, and country-specific regulations
  • Automate document management across globally dispersed study teams
  • Retain knowledge even through staff turnovers
  • Accommodate regulatory/SOP changes in real-time
  • Audit trail reporting for compliance monitoring
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