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ChromoReport MAR2018

A quarterly analytical discussion on study startup

ChromoReport March 2018

The ChromoReport is a quarterly analytical discussion on study startup utilizing anonymized aggregated clinical data from leading Pharmas and CROs, representing over 70 percent of clinical trial sites engaged in phase II & III studies.

There is a distinct rallying cry emanating from the clinical trials sector on reimagining how studies should be launched. Because study startup is a lengthy and complicated process, it is a major cause of study timelines and budgets sliding off course. To minimize this challenge, virtually every aspect of how a study starts has been scrutinized, and then reported in a litany of journal articles, webinars, conferences, and blogs. But has anyone considered the role of seasonality? Is it better to start a study in March rather than May? How about September rather than November?

There are, of course, clinical trials with an obvious seasonal focus, such as seasonal allergic rhinitis, seasonal affective disorder, or the flu. But, considering some of the industry's top challenges — recruiting and enrolling patients, and competing for the best investigative sites — it may be useful to evaluate the seasonal factor beyond these obvious few to include a wide array of therapeutic areas.

What do the industry metrics have to say about seasonality in clinical trials?

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