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ChromoReport MAR2017

A quarterly analytical discussion on study startup

ChromoReport March 2017

The ChromoReport is a quarterly analytical discussion on study startup utilizing anonymized aggregated clinical data from leading Pharmas and CROs, representing over 70 percent of clinical trial sites engaged in phase II & III studies.

Utilizing overarching cycle times within your own company or team is only the beginning of creating the best results for your company. To truly begin to move toward best-in-class or industry leading you need to consider your processes and cycle times from a bottleneck perspective, as well as, industry standard. By thoroughly understanding the data you will support your teams to make the best decisions to improve site selection and study startup, ensuring that the goal of getting protocols to patients faster is achieved, which represents the first step in competing a study on or ahead of schedule.

Does study volume impact cycle times by geographic region?

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