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ChromoReport JUN2017

A quarterly analytical discussion on study startup

ChromoReport June 2017

The ChromoReport is a quarterly analytical discussion on study startup utilizing anonymized aggregated clinical data from leading Pharmas and CROs, representing over 70 percent of clinical trial sites engaged in phase II & III studies.

There are a number of factors contributing to the length of clinical trials, the industry's focus on treatments for chronic and degenerative diseases (e.g., arthritis, dementia, and cardiac diseases) creates a need for long trials to demonstrate safety for drugs that are meant to be taken over an extended term. These trials face additional challenges with patient and investigator retention, which can in turn cause costly holdups. Numerous administrative and regulatory barriers also create delays that protract the clinical trial approval process. Additionally, the "as needed" nature of trial organization contributes to long trial initiation timeframes, as investigators, staff, study sites, and other resources are retained for the purposes of a single trial and then disbanded.

What do the industry metrics have to say about cycle time variations by therapeutic area?

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