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Discover bottlenecks and areas for process improvements with custom analytics and real-time metrics into on-going operations. Find out where to focus your efforts.

The clinical trials sector is heavily invested in technologies that track how studies unfold, but putting that information to good use requires turning real-time visibility into actionable data. This requires access to critical information that, when quickly spotted in reports, is actionable – allowing project managers and other stakeholders to be proactive in making decisions faster and better, based on fact.

Metrics dashboard for all country performance

Real-time, actionable data delivers business intelligence

When a clinical trial does not unfold as planned, it may be heading for rescue. The key to avoiding rescue, and improving operational performance, is the proper identification of red flags signaling the study may be veering off course. Manually prepared, siloed data, is often to old to accurately represent status.

  • Identify sites and target populations ideally suited to studies
  • Open sites on time and meet enrollment targets
  • Reduce number of non-active, non-enrolling (NANE) sites being activated for studies
  • Drive transparency with real-time study progress reporting
  • Eliminate the need for manual preparation of routine reports
  • Limit time wasted on non-productive activities, such as status meetings
  • Quantify the clinical research team’s or CROs performance
  • Provide actionable data to mitigate risks and accelerate startup
  • Report on activities delaying key milestones with critical path tracking
  • Notify study team members with alerts when pre-requisite work is completed
  • Facilitate rapid insights with built-in standard reports

Our end-to-end workflow solutions provide intelligence, presenting timely status updates across your studies and insights to streamline operational processes. Through visually rich analytics and dashboards, we help transition your team from a process that is reactive to one that is more proactive.

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