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Webinar: Is Automation of Clinical Trials the Panacea the Industry so Desperately Needs?

by Craig Morgan

Save your seat for this upcoming webinar! Using traditional methodologies, clinical trial timelines have lengthened and costs have risen dramatically in recent years.

Webinar: Is Automation of Clinical Trials the Panacea the Industry so Desperately Needs?

Title: Is Automation of Clinical Trials the Panacea the Industry so Desperately Needs?


More data are being generated, collected, monitored, managed and stored. Sponsors and contract research organizations (CRO) must continuously fight an uphill battle to reduce complexity, streamline business processes and workflows, ensure compliance, and increase efficiencies at all scales.

Queue the automation of clinical trials and with it much hype and potential. But is the availability of more advanced, integrated cloud-based platforms the panacea the industry so desperately needs to tackle the stagnation of clinical trial performance? Or is automation the precursive step towards more significant improvements in study execution?

In this webinar, we will explore:

  • How performance metrics gleaned from automation of workflows empowers business intelligence - a movement along the continuum from descriptive, diagnostic, predictive to perspective - allowing process optimization and efficient resource allocation
  • How automation improves proactive planning and breaks down organizational siloes
  • How collaboration is a key component to modernizing clinical trials, streamlining communications and enabling real-time decision making by stakeholders

This webinar is applicable to:

  • Sponsor and CRO roles responsible for site identification, feasibility assessment, selection and activation
  • Sponsor and CRO roles responsible for collecting and evaluating trial metrics


Tuesday, January 30
1 pm ET
10 am PT

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John Carlos Diaz
Clinical Research & Operations
GeoSera Consulting LLC
John has been in the pharmaceutical industry for almost 20 years with wide ranging experiences from pre-clinical Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics, clinical operations leader for phase I – IV trials. John has experiences working with large pharmaceutical companies like GSK, Teva and Merck as well as emerging companies like Cephalon and Braeburn which gives John a unique understanding of what are the challenges and needs of sponsors and allows Accelsiors to provide quality service to all pharma companies regardless of their size.
Linda Sullivan
Co-Founder and President
Metrics Champion Consortium
Ms. Sullivan is Co-Founder and President of the Metrics Champion Consortium (MCC), an industry association dedicated to leading the drug-development enterprise in the adoption and utilization of standardized metrics and benchmarks to drive performance improvement. She has been a featured speaker at Performance Metrics, Risk-Based Monitoring, Quality Management and Clinical Trial Oversight industry meetings.

Ms. Sullivan received a B.S. in biology from Trinity College and a M.B.A. from Dartmouth College, where she was named a Tuck Scholar.
Elvin Thalund
Senior Director, Product Strategy
Elvin is a recognized industry expert in clinical trials, having over twenty years of experience working as a Clinical Business Analyst Consultant at major pharmaceutical companies including, Hoffmann-La Roche and Johnson & Johnson. Elvin works as a product strategist and system architect in goBalto's effort to optimize Study Startup. Elvin is the co-chair on the TMF Reference Model Exchange Mechanism and holds a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from Aalborg Universitet.

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