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TFS International Propels Momentum in Clinical Trials with goBalto

by Jae Chung

Operational transparency pivotal to process optimization and cycle time reductions

TFS International Propels Momentum in Clinical Trials with goBalto

goBalto announced today that TFS International has chosen goBalto's Activate and Analyze solutions for starting clinical trials on a worldwide basis.

Study startup, encompassing activities associated with site identification, feasibility assessment, selection and activation, is a notorious bottleneck in overall study conduct. Numerous factors can adversely impact study startup, such as contract and budget negotiations, regulatory changes and compliance, IRB approvals, clinical staff turnover, and others, contributing to significant trial delays and cost overages.

goBalto's workflow-driven Activate, along with Analyze, a data analytics platform - optimize the many study startup steps, providing real-time insights into study status, making it easier to quantify team performance and discover meaningful patterns in study data.

goBalto Activate guides study teams to complete and track documents, submissions, and other activities required for any site, country, or study based on organizational SOPs and country-specific regulations. Apart from ensuring compliance and streamlining the startup process these custom/study specific workflows capture valuable performance metrics, which in turn allow for benchmarking, descriptive, predicative, and ultimately, prescriptive metrics using goBalto's Analyze - empowering process optimization and effective resource allocation.

Trials generate enormous amounts of data, but stakeholders remain unable to effectively analyze that data to proactively identify risk triggers and operational bottlenecks that can lead to cycle time disruptions and cost overruns. This is inherently due to the way in which performance data is reported and analyzed, relying on antiquated, manually intensive methods like Excel - still predominantly used across the industry - that lack project and risk management functionality.

Ed Tumaian
VP Clinical Development
TFS International
"Streamlining communications and transparency of activities amongst our clinical operation teams, investigative sites, and sponsor organizations is a central tenet to our corporate strategy of process optimization. With the granular level of business intelligence provided by goBalto we are able to make timely interventions and course corrections, as well as uncover insights into processes ripe for future enhancements - ultimately leading to timeline reductions and enhanced operational performance."
Jae Chung
Founder and President
"We look forward to supporting TFS International in their strategic goals and to driving value. TFS International is tackling this entrenched bottleneck in study conduct head-on to enhance operational efficiencies and speed sought-after therapies to patients in need globally."

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