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goBalto Cloud Platform: Management, Monitoring and Compliance

by Craig Morgan

By playing a critical role in enabling digital transformation, cloud computing lowers typical IT barriers of slow time to value, risky implementations, limited resources, heavy maintenance, and incompatible systems.

White Paper: goBalto Cloud Platform - Management, Monitoring and Compliance

The rapid elasticity afforded by goBalto's study startup (SSU) solutions – addressing a critical bottleneck in clinical trials – can offer virtually infinite scalability, a proposition that is attractive to Pharma and Contract Research Organizations (CROs). goBalto recognizes the importance of understanding the reliability and capability of a cloud computing provider that these organizations plan to entrust with their vital organizational data.

Highly scalable architecture with robust SLA support

The goBalto platform offers a highly scalable cloud computing solution with very competitive Service Level Agreements (SLA) support. By leveraging the full power of the Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud computing service along with virtual private clouds (VPCs), the platform is architected to meet life science organizations stringent requirements for dynamic load response, high availability and privacy.

Deployments are supported by dedicated production, development and management networks that leverage Docker containers to meet rapid and automated deployment requirements. Single-sign on (SSO) is supported for both incoming and outgoing requests.

Monitoring and performance

goBalto employs multiple controls to track and monitor services provided to clients. Rigorous testing is actively monitored at all times and performed at 4x load of largest account. In addition to custom monitoring scripts, and New Relic, goBalto leverages the AWS cloud watch service to track metrics and provide additional monitoring capabilities for cloud resources. Resources that are routinely tracked include: I/O traffic, appearance of files, response times, user caching, latency, and performance across geographic locations.

Download our white paper goBalto Cloud Platform: Management, Monitoring and Compliance to see how key practices employed by goBalto to manage and monitor the platform on behalf of our clients.

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