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goBalto and Informa Partner to Accelerate Site Selection for Global Clinical Trials

by Craig Morgan

Integration improves efficiencies and accurancy in the selection of high performing sites

goBalto and Informa Partner to Accelerate Site Selection for Global Clinical Trials

goBalto announced today its partnership with Citeline, part of Informa's Pharma Intelligence vertical, to integrate data from Citeline's intelligence platforms—including Trialtrove and Sitetrove—with goBalto's Select. Indexing information captured by Citeline on more than 390,000 investigators across over 265,000 trials in more than 170 countries to the award-winning Select application aids in providing a data driven approach to weighing selection and performance variables in the identification of sites and target populations ideally suited to studies.

By incorporating data from Citeline into Select, mutual Citeline and goBalto clients can now easily and efficiently identify ideal sites at which to conduct their clinical trials.

Increased competition for sites and enrollment issues – determining whether specific sites have patients, combined with pressure to enroll patients quickly – has increased the number of non-active, non-enrolling (NANE) sites being activated for clinical trials. Combining all available data assets into one single view, increases the breadth of evidence available to encompass data from both public and private domains. This in turn enables both faster and better decision-making by considering all information in a single query as opposed to the current practice of running queries in multiple systems and having to consolidate results to understand the full landscape for the study.

This significant collaboration allows Citeline clients who subscribe to XML feeds and who are also clients of goBalto to access a broader range of data sources. By integrating key Citeline data components into Select's site identification, feasibility assessment and selection toolset, end-users can simplify the once arduous task of having to utilize multiple resources to research clinical trial investigators at high performing sites for their own clinical studies.

Jason Tse
Jason Tse
Head of Strategic Partnerships
"We are excited to be working with goBalto for our mutual clients' benefit in accelerating clinical research. Our customers need an evidence-based site selection process with the ability to integrate data from multiple sources to drive further optimization efforts in the industry. Much of our strategy in 2017 revolves around adding value for our clients through strategic partnerships and we look forward to furthering the relationship with goBalto to assist our customers in achieving their goals."
Sujay Jadhav
"By integrating data, both internal (e.g., CTMS, goBalto Activate performance metrics, etc.) and external (e.g., Citeline, PubMed,, etc.), in one trusted location, we can now simplify the evidence-based planning and site identification process for our customers through access to a single integrated view of the data from all available sources. The Informa partnership is central to our customers' efforts to streamline and automate the process of site identification in conjunction with data on performance experiences. We are committed to providing our customers with the functionality they need to accelerate the startup phases of clinical trials – and ultimately making valuable therapies available to patients sooner."

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