leveraging business intelligence

Analyze provides intelligence; presenting timely status updates across your studies and insights to streamline operational processes. Through visually rich analytics and dashboards, Analyze helps transition your team from a process that is reactive to one that is more proactive.

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reliable metrics

Manually prepared data is often too old to accurately represent
status. Readily proving you're on track can be an ongoing
challenge. What are the bottlenecks?

Analyze provides a single source of truth to effectively perform your work:

  • Provides actionable status information
  • Replaces need for manual preparation of routine reports
  • Provides a wealth of data across your study portfolio in real-time
  • Quantifies the clinical research team's or CRO's performance
  • Eliminates time wasted on non-productive activities, such as status meetings
Assessment and attempts to reduce
the time required for study startup
activities are complicated by the lack
of standard, industry-wide metrics
and scarce data on the variability
of performance across sites and
study types.
The more that the industry can move away from
spreadsheets and trackers to more valuable
dashboards to visualize and monitor site performance,
the better position we'll be in to pre-empt issues
and more effectively manage study performance.
Beth Harper
President of
Clinical Performance Partners

flexible reporting

Standardized reports often lack the flexibility
required to address the diverse needs of your globally
dispersed and outsourced clinical research teams.

Analyze allows you to tailor your analytics to your needs:

  • Interact with the data, run ad-hoc reports
  • Create data visualizations across multiple trials and partners
  • Share reports with your team and partners with the click of a button
  • Grow your customized library of reports, easily reuse to publish updates
  • Develop reporting needs in a structured environment
Beth Harper
President of
Clinical Performance Partners

risk mitigation

Risk-based challenges are escalating as clinical trials become
more global and complex, and as market pressures keep
rising for new therapies at an ever-increasing pace.

Analyze supports proactive risk identification:

  • Keep studies on track and within budget by tracking critical cycle-time metrics
  • Proactively monitor trending data that may indicate study at risk
  • Expedite collaboration with global study teams
  • Understand where to focus resources to support at-risk regions or sites
  • Conduct real-time assessment of concurrent studies with multiple partners
Decisions for risk mitigation are best made using data-driven evidence
that is accessible and can be visualized. If data are scattered among
multiple systems and loaded into spreadsheets, it can be very difficult
information and make timely decisions on risk based on that methodology.
LLinda Sullivan
Co-Founder and President
Metrics Champion Consortium
Linda Sullivan
Co-Founder and President
Metrics Champion Consortium
Research suggests that building relationships to improve
clinical trial operations requires embracing centralized
monitoring and study quality metrics as standard
practice, and more recently, CRO oversight

sponsor oversight

Sponsors often have multiple studies running concurrently
with several CROs, complicating oversight. Reconciling CROs data
with different reporting formats can make timely oversight difficult.

Analyze provides timely, transparent views into outsourced clinical trials:

  • Encourages high transparency partnerships
  • Build reliable institutional knowledge about CRO performance
  • Benchmark the operational rollout of your studies or teams
  • Facilitates real-time communications with CROs on study progress
  • Improves operational efficiency and strengthens relationships