driving site activation

Activate enables sponsors, CROs and sites to get studies started in the shortest time possible. Activate workflows drive study teams to complete and track specific documents and tasks required for any site, country, or study based on regulatory and SOP requirements.

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improve operational performance

There is intense pressure to speed clinical trials and restrain costs,
but inefficiencies tied to complicated protocols, globalization,
and paper-based methods have stalled these efforts.

Activate improves operational efficiencies:

  • 60+ "smart" standardized country workflows for quick study activation
  • Automatically trigger workflows as a clinical trial unfolds
  • Improve processes to drive optimization and global standardization
  • Track any activity, document, submission, or ad-hoc documents
  • Role-based assignments ensure appropriate activity access
Activate allows us to minimize risk
in starting clinical trials and
ensure compliance.
Kazuo Nakamura
Chairman & CEO
Kazuo Nakamura
Chairman & CEO

Using a workflow-driven process automation
tool helps teams visualize and analyze processes.
Efficient, repetitive processes, supported by intuitive
data systems and specialized teams concentrates
resources and the right talent where it's most effective.

streamlined document management

Replace the use of email, Excel and e-rooms to track document
workflows and activities associated with activating sites for
studies with real-time status, compliant workflows.

Activate automates document management and control:

  • Share study documents from a centralized library
  • Know you're working with the right file with document lineage
  • Select documents for IP release reviews or submission packages
  • Proactively request new documents prior to expiry with alerts

actionable data

When a clinical trial does not unfold as planned, it may be heading
for rescue. The key to avoiding study rescue is proper identification
of red flags signaling the study may be veering off course.

Activate aids risk identification and operational insights:

  • Real-time study progress reporting drives transparency
  • Provides actionable data to mitigate risks and accelerate startup
  • Critical path tracking reports show which activities delay key milestones
  • Alerts notify study team members when pre-requisite work is completed
  • Facilitates rapid insights with built-in standard reports
There's no question that sponsors, CROs and sites alike, recognize
the value that technology brings to the clinical trial enterprise by providing
actionable insights from all of the data collected, starting from the beginning
of the study.
Beth Harper
President of
Clinical Performance Partners
Beth Harper
President of
Clinical Performance Partners
With the advent of purpose-built cloud-based
technology, better collaboration among
stakeholders and data flow among
integrated solutions becomes possible,
allowing for a smoother rollout of the
complex study startup process
while reining in costs.

drive collaboration

Sponsors often have multiple studies running concurrently with
multiple CROs, complicating oversight. Successfully executed trials
require open and transparent communications, fostering trust.

Activate improves collaboration amongst team members and partners:

  • Provides transparency into key study milestones
  • Provides a centralized view for all assigned study team members
  • Easily organize work with timely, appropriate activity assignment
  • Exchange documents, notes, complete activities, and monitor partners status
  • Import study, country, and site information from your investigator database

deliver organizational compliance

Just because a company has invested significant time and
resources in creating SOPs does not mean they are always
being followed. They may even be avoided.

Activate aids regulatory and SOP compliance:

  • Guide compliance with organizational SOPs and country-specific regulations
  • Automate document management across globally dispersed study teams
  • Retain knowledge even through staff turnovers
  • Flexible to accommodate changes in country-specific regulations or SOPs
  • Audit trail reporting for compliance monitoring
Conducting clinical trials in places with
unfamiliar regulatory pathways and limited
infrastructure is highlighting the value of
study startup technology that allows for
better SOP and regulatory compliance.
Jeff Kasher
Patients Can't Wait
Jeff Kasher
Patients Can't Wait