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reductions in cycle times. driving efficiencies, entry to market and therapy availability
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Operational Performance

Automate the manual, cumbersome and error prone processes and tools, not specifically built for study startup, for site selection, feasibility and activation in clinical trials.

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goBalto Activate offers enhanced visibility into the traditionally cumbersome process of activating sites for clinical trials. The system creates efficiencies through streamlined communication among sites, sponsors and CROs. This ultimately drives shorter timelines and cost savings for our customers.


Simplified with a single on-demand view, delivering instant status updates on study progress, irrespective of how many concurrent studies or vendors you work with.

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Without oversight, a complicated protocol may not be interpreted correctly by the CROs, ineligible subjects may be recruited, and/or unqualified investigators may be employed.

Risk Identification & Mitigation

Reduce your clinical trial risk by deploying purpose-built study startup technologies that aid in risk management.

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72% of studies run more than one month behind schedule, with sponsors standing to lose between $600,000 - $8 million for each day that the trial delays a product’s development and launch.

Business Intelligence

Discover bottlenecks and areas for process improvements with custom analytics and real-time metrics into on-going operations. Find out where to focus your efforts.

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With our process improvement initiatives supported by goBalto’s Activate and Analyze solutions, we are able to deliver enhanced study start-up results, with median cycle time reduced by up to 25%.

Organizational Compliance

Automate activities & document workflows with country-specific "smart" workflows that deliver global regulatory and SOP compliance.

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The benefits of SOPs are clear, they provide a level of formal accountability for team members and they prevent noncompliance on a systemic level. But … they can’t help you if you don't use them.


goBalto Named Scrip Awards Finalist 2017
goBalto Awarded Top 20 Biotech Technology Solution Providers 2017
goBalto Named Clinical and Research Excellence Award Finalist 2017
goBalto Selected as a 2014 Red Herring Top 100 Global Company
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goBalto Select Named Most Innovative Product of 2015
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goBalto Wins 2014 Interaction Award
Rock Health Honors Jae Chung as Top 50 Digital Health Entrepreneur
Jae Chung Named Top 10 Biotech Techie 2013
Jae Chung Receives Partnerships in Clinical Trials Award 2012
goBalto Wins Bio-IT World 2010 Best Practices Award


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